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Majors and Minors

Academics Blog: Read how students chose their majors, what kinds of classes they are taking, and the opportunities they are discovering.

Across majors and disciplines, Johns Hopkins undergraduates are active learners who pursue their interests through hands-on learning opportunities. As you click below to learn more about each major, keep in mind that academic flexibility is one of the hallmarks of a Hopkins education. Our students are learning across academic boundaries and finding new ways to combine their passions as they build the experience that works for them. Their time here is defined by so much more than just their majors—click here to learn more about the culture of discovery on our campus.

Click here to learn more about the academic culture at Hopkins.

You don’t have to pick just one! Over 50 percent of Hopkins students have a double major or minor. Discovering the right program—or combination—is all part of the Hopkins undergraduate experience.



The broader Hopkins network reaches beyond majors and minors. Explore the many fields of study in our schools of Engineering and Arts & Sciences.

Pre-health and pre-law

Interested in a career in healthcare or law? Here, pre-health and pre-law are advising tracks, not majors, which means students of any major can pursue those paths. Our experts in the Office of Pre-Professional Advising can help you make sure you’re taking the right classes and are properly prepared for any exams or applications. The unique preparation our students get makes them largely successful in their post-graduate life, with about 80% of our med school applicants earning admission to medical school and about 93% of our law school applicants entering law school.

Special Programs

Five-Year Master’s Programs

Johns Hopkins offers a variety of five-year combined bachelor’s/master’s degree programs for students who know they want to pursue post-graduate study, and are eager to continue their education at Hopkins. Once enrolled in an undergraduate program, qualified students can extend their studies and graduate with both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree by applying for a five-year program. Students usually complete the master’s portion of the program in one year instead of two, as undergraduate courses may count toward the master’s degree. Learn more about five-year master’s options in the School of Engineering and the School of Arts & Sciences.