Molecular and Cellular Biology

Develop a nuanced view of biology by integrating knowledge at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels.

The Bachelor of Science degree in molecular and cellular biology provides a more rigorous preparation for advanced study in the biomedical sciences. It’s tailored to pre-med students and those planning to enter PhD programs or seek a career in the biotechnology industry. In this major, we emphasize student participation in an original research project.


Introductory Organic Chemistry I

We study the fundamental chemistry of the compounds of carbon. Topics include methods of structure determination and synthesis; the mechanisms of typical organic reactions; and the relations between physical and chemical properties and structures.

Protein Engineering and Biochemistry Lab

This research project lab examines the relationship between genes and proteins in the context of disease and evolution. You’ll learn basic protein science and standard biochemical techniques and methods in protein engineering. Plus, you’ll perform experiments in site-directed mutagenesis, protein purification, and structural, functional, and physical characterization of proteins.

General Physics: Physical Science Major I

This is part of a two-semester sequence in general physics that covers mechanics, heat, sound, electricity and magnetism, optics, and atomic physics.

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