Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Catalyze intellectual discussions in which gender and sexuality concerns play important roles.

Join students and faculty from different departments who share an interest and need to address and interrogate their research fields from a queer, feminist, or otherwise gender- and sexuality-inflected perspective. This program encourages and supports initiatives for research projects, events, guest speakers, and curriculum developments emerging from all parts of campus. In our Seminar/Practicum, you can even combine volunteer work in a local social service agency with a seminar that explores the connections between social justice and academic inquiry.


Feminist and Queer Theory: Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality-Intersectional Feminist Theory

We’ll get to know intersectional feminist philosophy through the lens of a Black feminist epistemology, meaning we’ll focus on how the contributions of Black feminist authors can bring out the specific political and philosophical nature of an intersectional theoretical framework.

Gender Justice: From Conflict to Resolution

This course focuses on the potential and limitations of the recent efforts of the international community to introduce a “gendered approach” to conflict resolution, peacebuilding and transitional justice. It examines the fundamental theoretical issues that underlie the “gendered approach” to transitional justice by following the evolution of the gendered approach to peacebuilding through case studies.

Ecofeminist Debates: Gender and Sexuality Beyond the Global West

This course develops an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to introduce ecofeminism through a special focus on its inflections in non-western contexts. Through class discussions and sustained writing engagement, we’ll develop an understanding of the history of ecofeminism, including theoretical debates linking gender perspectives with political mobilization, as well as ecofeminism’s enduring influence on new intellectual and political movements.

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