Public Health Studies

In pursuit of better health for all members of society.

Our undergraduate major in public health teaches you how to deal with critical large-scale issues in health care, such as health care access, chronic disease control, and mapping, predicting, and containing outbreaks of infectious disease. You’ll also research how factors like gender, poverty, and education contribute to health outcomes. You’ll learn from world-renowned faculty, participate in experiential research and advocacy, and have opportunities to take classes at the #1 School of Public Health.


The Environment and Your Health

This course surveys the basic concepts underlying environmental health sciences (toxicology, exposure assessment, risk assessment), current public health issues (air, water- and food-borne diseases) and global health threats (climate change, designing healthy communities, and environmental justice).

Fundamentals of Health Policy & Management

Through lectures and small group discussions, you’ll develop a framework for analyzing health care policy problems and become familiar with current issues including managed care, Medicare, and the uninsured.

Introduction to Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health

In this course, we’ll explain key theories and models of health behavior; describe social and behavioral factors affecting health outcomes; illustrate the role of factors such as racism, income inequality, social norms, culture, communication and psychological constructs in health outcomes; and demonstrate applications of these theories and models in health behavior research and intervention.

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