Types of Financial Aid

We want you to have the opportunity to pursue your goals debt-free.

Our financial aid offers contain scholarships that don’t have to be paid back and work-study opportunities. This is made possible through institutional funds, federal and state governments, corporations, and individual donors.

We want our students to have the freedom to take advantage of all Hopkins has to offer. If your family demonstrates you can pay only part of college costs, or none at all, we cover the rest.


Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are awarded based on academic and personal achievement. You’ll automatically be considered for all Hopkins’ merit scholarships—there is no separate application. If selected, you’ll be notified with your admissions decision.

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Work-Study Opportunities

Federal Work-Study and Hopkins Work-Study provide the option to work part-time within the Hopkins network. If you don’t see these in your financial aid offer, you still have the opportunity to work on campus.

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Part-time work can help you gain experience, make connections, and get involved with on- and off-campus activities, in addition to covering your personal expenses. Over 60% of our students work part-time—eight to ten hours a week on average—as tutors, lifeguards, research assistants, and more. We have a wide variety of positions to fit your interests and schedule.

flexible options for covering your college costs

Each family’s financial circumstances are unique, and families often use more than one method to cover their college costs. If your family would like flexibility beyond the financial aid offer, you can explore the following options:

  • Regardless of your financial aid eligibility, you can take advantage of our no-interest payment plans that split the cost of your tuition, housing, and meals into equal installments.
  • Private scholarships reduce your summer savings and work-study expectations.
  • Although our financial aid offers don’t include loans, your family may choose to borrow as part of your financing strategy. We can direct you to low-interest federal loans and Parent PLUS loans.
  • You might also consider private loans. We encourage you to look at federal loan options before pursuing these, since their terms and repayment can vary. We have an interactive tool to help you and your family compare private loans.