Electrical Engineering

Preparing the next generation of engineering leaders.

We encourage our students to imagine what comes next—and then make it happen. Electrical and computer engineers provide the technologies that are central to our lives, from our computers and cell phones to GPS systems. 

You’ll learn the fundamentals of electrical, computer and digital systems, data structures, and circuits, with an emphasis on the hands-on experiences you need to turn theory into practice.


Computational Modeling for Electrical and Computer Engineering

You’ll develop the skills of solving complex, real-world electrical and computer engineering problems using computational modeling tools.

ECE Ideation and Design Lab (First Year)

This is a project design course that builds on core knowledge relevant to Electrical & Computer Engineering with emphasis on multidisciplinary projects. All projects will be sponsored, have clearly defined objectives, and must yield a tangible result upon completion.

Mastering Electronics

You’ll understand fundamental electronic concepts and rules, build and design a wide range of electronic devices, and conduct experiments using computer-controlled digital oscilloscopes, function generators, and power supplies.