A profound understanding of language and the importance of cultural difference.

Studying French at Hopkins means not only learning the fundamentals of a language with more than 115 million native speakers worldwide, but also developing invaluable analytical skills and cultural awareness. You’ll have advanced skills that are increasingly in high professional demand, such as the ability to speak and write persuasively, to constructively discuss work of your colleagues, interpret complex texts, and explain sources of intercultural misunderstanding.


La France Contemporaine

Explore contemporary French society and culture through a variety of media: fiction and non-fiction readings (graphic novels, news periodicals, popular magazines), films, music, art, websites, and podcasts.

Eloquent French

This highly interactive, writing-intensive course helps you sharpen your analytical skills by applying the French method of Explication de textes to a variety of fictional and non-fictional discourses (film, literary excerpts, articles, social media). This style also encourages you to hone your own voice in creative writing.

Advanced French for Speaking

You’ll focus primarily on oral expression through individual and group work on contemporary media (music, film, current events) to expand your vocabulary and become fluent in conversation across social-cultural contexts.

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