Our understanding of the fundamental nature of the world is grounded in chemistry.

Our chemistry department is made up of internationally recognized faculty involved in all areas of contemporary chemical science, including many interdisciplinary areas interfacing chemistry with the fields of biology, medicine, physics, and materials.

As a student, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the basic principles and models of modern chemistry, develop the ability to collaborate effectively as part of a team in a laboratory, research, or group problem-solving environment, and become proficient in collecting and analyzing experimental data.


When Chemistry Changed History

The past is littered with discoveries that have altered the course of civilization. In this First-Year Seminar, we will take a deep dive into chemical discoveries that changed history, discussing how they work as well as their impact on society. Topics will range from dirt warfare, to the link between gun powder and workers’ rights, to how cats biochemically domesticated humans.

Chemistry for Connoisseurs

This course will survey the structural and physical properties of chemicals often considered as part of the “finer things in life” including topical discussions of the chemistries of food, drink, art, cosmetics and clothing, among others. The general theme of the course is to put chemical identities onto the things we interact with on a daily basis but most likely take for granted at a molecular level.

Molecular Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology is changing the world around us. This course is designed to help you to understand these powerful emerging technologies and the science behind it, and to help prepare you if you want to contribute toward these exciting developments.

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