The amazing worlds of antiquity.

The Department of Classics is a leading center for the study of classics, classical reception, and ancient Greet and Latin language. We offer a rigorous yet flexible program, giving students strong grounding in the languages and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome while also accommodating a variety of interests in and approaches to the ancient world. We combine philological historical, iconographical, and comparative methods in our investigations of cultures.


Science Fiction Before the Modern Era: Exploring the Ancient Scientific

Science Fiction has classically been considered a product—and even a hallmark—of the modern world. But this course opens up the world of ancient scientific fictions. From philosophical myth and utopia to the imaginary worlds of fantastical travelogues and novelistic adventures in outer space, these narratives take us deep into the scientific imagination of the ancient Greeks and Romans. We’ll examine how these invented worlds reflected critically and creatively on aspects of contemporary society.

Greek Myth and Anime: Cross-Cultural Concepts of Man and Divinity

This course will examine the reception of the Classics in Japanese popular culture anime. We’ll view how characters, creatures, and beings from Greco-Roman myth are presented in anime, with special attention to concepts such as human beings, humanity, and divinity. Dean’s Teaching Fellowship course.

Classics Research Lab: Casts of Baltimore

This course gives participants a unique opportunity to engage directly in empirical research and its interpretation and dissemination. The Casts of Baltimore Research Lab examines how the people of Baltimore engaged with ancient Mediterranean culture during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, through means such as reproductions of artifacts in city collections, illustrations, and educational materials.

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