Career Services

Discover meaningful opportunities and pursue them with intention.

Our Life Design Lab—housed in the new Imagine Center—offers professional support and resources for launching a fulfilling career. We start by helping you identify your interests, strengths, and values, then show you how to leverage your experiences for the future. Our Life Design approach teaches you how to build a meaningful career, not just get your first job.

Life Design Educators are nested in areas across campus to meet students where they are. You can find them in academic departments and offices like Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Engagement and Experiential Development, FLI Network, and Athletics. Each professional experience will build your skills and refine your understanding of what you’re looking for, so when you graduate, you can approach career opportunities with intention and confidence.


Résumé & Cover Letter Development

Your résumé and cover letter are dynamic and constantly changing documents. We’ll show you how to format and target your application materials for specific jobs.

Networking Advice & Opportunities

Networking can lead to unique opportunities and valuable insights about your industry. We’ll help you understand who to connect with and what questions to ask.

Interview Training

We provide guidelines for succeeding in personality, case, and technical interviews. You can also test your skills in one of our mock interviews before the real thing.


Internships allow you to put your learning into practice, open your mind to new possibilities, and expand your understanding of the world around you. We’ll help you land an internship that combines your personal interests and professional goals.

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