Engineering for Sustainable Development

We use fundamental science to protect the health of the environment and its inhabitants.

More and more engineers are needed to help find solutions to global problems of poverty, inequality, and social and environmental dislocation. The minor in Engineering for Sustainable Development exposes you to key issues related to development, methods of information-gathering in diverse and difficult settings, and working effectively with non-engineers on complex problems.  


Introduction to Engineering for Sustainable Development

This course introduces major debates about development, and explores cases of engineering interventions in developing countries to identify factors that shape success in achieving project goals and avoiding undesirable outcomes.

Public Health Biostatistics

Using problem-based learning and focusing on public health topics, you’ll learn to describe and summarize data, make inferences regarding population parameters, and test hypotheses.

Fundamentals of Epidemiology

This is a practical introduction to epidemiology, focusing on the principles and methods of examining the distribution and determinants of disease morbidity and mortality in human populations.