Peabody Double Degree in Music or Fine Arts

Defining and shaping what it means to be a 21st-century artist.

The Double Degree program is a unique opportunity for students to be full-time degree seekers at the Peabody Conservatory and the Homewood schools of Johns Hopkins University. Students who are advanced in both performing arts and academics can simultaneously pursue a Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Peabody and either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from the Homewood schools (Krieger School of Arts & Sciences or the Whiting School of Engineering). Typically, the Double Degree program takes a minimum of five years to complete.

Singing Real Life Stories

Songs of Hope puts the voices of marginalized youth, human trafficking survivors, undocumented immigrants, and refugees on the concert stage.


Building Bridges Across Cultures

The Navajo Nation radio station in Tuba City, Arizona, can take credit for most of undergraduate composition major Michael B.’s musical roots. Growing up on the reservation, he soaked in the station’s rock, blues, oldies, and country music.



Students must be admitted independently to Peabody by way of audition and to one of the Homewood schools to be invited to participate in the Double Degree program. 

  • Submit separate applications to the university and the Peabody Institute.
  • Transcript and application fee need to only be sent once to the university. If you choose to submit standardized test scores, these can also be submitted to the university.
  • On both the university and Peabody applications, you must answer ‘Yes’ when asked ‘Do you intend to apply to the Peabody/Homewood Double Degree Program’.
  • Applicants may apply Early Decision I or Regular Decision to both Hopkins and the Peabody Institute.
  • You will receive three separate decisions, one from each of the following:
    • Johns Hopkins University
    • Peabody Institute
    • Double Degree Program
  • Check each school’s decision release dates for when you will receive your admissions decision.

Program & Eligibility Requirements

  • Enroll in private lessons each semester.
  • Register for no less than one course at Homewood each semester. Double Degree students can enroll in a maximum of 25 credits per semester. 
  • Instrumental majors are required to enroll in large ensembles and private lessons each semester. 
  • Complete at least 48 credits on the Homewood campus in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and/or Whiting School of Engineering.
  • Live in Peabody housing during their first year. During sophomore year, Double Degree students can choose to continue living at Peabody or move to the Homewood campus.

Students in the Double Degree program are responsible for meeting the requirements of both degree curricula within the published guidelines of the relevant programs. Students’ principal affiliation is with the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences or the Whiting School of Engineering. All official procedures of registration and records are managed through the Homewood Office of the Registrar. The official transcript for a Double Degree student, including all courses at both Peabody and Homewood, is maintained by the Homewood Office of the Registrar.

The Best of Both Worlds

Double Degree students have the unique opportunity to be part of two communities: the Peabody Institute and the Homewood campus. Explore the student experience at each school.



Campus Life