General Engineering

Here, you won’t just take in knowledge. You’ll create it.  

General Engineering teaches the fundamental principles of current technologies, innovations, and practices. A true liberal arts degree with a focus on engineering, it’s intended for students who want to expand their career options beyond a professional engineer and, instead, pursue an area that draws on an engineering background, such as public policy, business, or law. 


What Is Engineering?

This is a course of lectures, laboratories, and special projects that introduce not only different fields of engineering but also the analytic tools and techniques that the profession uses. Assignments include hands-on and virtual experiments, oral presentations of product design, and design/construction/testing of structures.

Foundations of Materials Science & Engineering

We’ll go over the basic principles of materials science and engineering and how they apply to the behavior of materials in the solid state.

Professional Writing and Communication

This course teaches how to communicate effectively with a variety of specialized and non-specialized audiences. To do this, you’ll write proposals in response to initiatives based in Hopkins, Baltimore, or Maryland that focus on a specific area of interest.