Entrepreneurship and Management

A culture of innovation and intentional collaboration.   

Our undergraduate programs invite students to discover the “great problems,” encourage them to innovate to develop groundbreaking solutions, and inspire them to lead ethically and to think critically and creatively.

The Entrepreneurship and Management minor teaches the fundamentals of enterprise and focuses on leadership and management from a multidisciplinary viewpoint with a quantitative emphasis. The program, part of the Center for Leadership Education, offers a diversified learning experience, one where you’ll gain the skills necessary to serve as effective managers and entrepreneurs in public and private sectors.


Foundations of American Enterprise

This course is designed as an overview of three broad categories: the economic, financial, and corporate context of business activities; the organization and management of firms and organizations; and the marketing and production of goods and services.

Financial Accounting

This course is for anyone who wants to analyze or communicate financial results or make effective financial decisions in a for-profit business setting. We cover the accounting cycle, basic business transactions, internal controls, and preparation and understanding of financial statements including balance sheets, statements of income, and cash flows.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

We focus on the nature and practice of conflict resolution and negotiation within and between individuals and organizations. While some class time is devoted to presentations on theories and approaches, our method primarily relies on peer feedback on your classmates’ observations of negotiation situations and personal reflections after each structured experience.