Global issues, intimate environment.

Develop expertise through research and learning in areas from social stratification, economic sociology, and political sociology to race and ethnic relations, medical sociology, and family, social structure, and personality. You’ll come to understand how the lives of individuals and social groups are affected by social context and complete a research project featuring core sociological concepts.


The Sociology of Intimate Partnerships: Dating, Mating, Marriage, and Divorce

How do we define an intimate partnership and what role does it play in society? In this course, we’ll explore the evolution of marriage as the dominant type of intimate partnership in society and the concurrent rise of dating, cohabitation, and divorce. Using the context of how these intimate partnerships have changed in recent decades, we’ll define the role these different types of partnerships serve in society today.

Plagues, Power, and Social Control

Drawing on historical cases including plague during the European Renaissance and before, the HIV/AIDS Pandemic, and the West African Ebola Outbreak of 2013-2016, this course will introduce the history and practices of disease control. Plus, we’ll study the important theoretical perspectives we use to understand the sociological and historical effects of disease and the responses to them.

The Politics of Mental Health

This course examines how the psy disciplines—psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and related fields—create knowledge about the mind, and how these fields have in turn shaped political and social life since the early 20th century.

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