Political Science

Understand the role that power and resources play in society.

Whether you specialize in American politics, law and politics, comparative politics, international relations, or political theory, we encourage you to be well-versed in multiple areas. You’ll have access to graduate-level courses at our School of Advanced International Studies, one of the top-ranking international relations programs in the country, and research and internship opportunities in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and around the world.


The Power of Rhetoric

In a time when people claim language “has no preference to facts, truths, or realities,” the power of rhetoric is both vilified and lauded in the strongest possible terms. You’ll be introduced to the art of persuasive speech, writing, and visual media so you can be prepared to critically examine and evaluate the claims made for and about the role of language in contemporary politics.

Fictional World Politics: International Relations Through Fiction

The plots and settings of fictitious works provide “cases” for our exploration of international relations theories through literature, film, and works of international relations scholarship.

Disposable People: Race, Immigration, and Biopolitics

This course will explore theories and practices of race and immigration to illuminate the proliferation of populations regarded as disposable in contemporary politics. We’ll examine how political power influences the relays between citizenship status and those whose lives are worthy of protection, and those who should be allowed to die.

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