Romance Languages

Languages, literatures, and cultures.

The romance languages major is available as a dual-language option and a three-language option. Beyond a solid proficiency in reading, writing, understanding and speaking your choice of languages, you’ll become familiar with the techniques of cultural analysis, experience the ways in which cultural and literary development modify various languages, and articulate specific connections between texts and cultural, artistic, social and political contexts.


Italian Through Food

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to navigate everyday situations (e.g. ordering a meal at a restaurant, describing your favorite dishes, talking about likes and dislikes) entirely in Italian, and will develop an appreciation for the history of Italian cuisine.

Portuguese: Conversation Through Film & Music

Improve your Portuguese conversational and speaking skills through colorful Brazilian media. Conversation sessions provide intensive work on communication skills through discussion on issues raised in films, news, media, and music.

The Sounds of French

This course introduces the sound system of French: its development over centuries, standardized Parisian form vs. regional and international dialects and accents, and the popularity of “word games” (abbreviations, acronyms, and verlan). You’ll record speech samples at the beginning, middle, and end of the semester to track your progress in moving toward more native pronunciation and intonation.

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