Natural Sciences

Bridging two different areas of the natural sciences.

The Natural Sciences Area major lets you combine upper-level courses in two different areas of natural science. You can bridge biology and chemistry, chemistry and physics, or some other combination as long as the curriculum forms a coherent whole. This major prepares you for careers in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science, if the introductory courses you choose follow the admission requirements to these professional schools.


Calculus I (Biology and Social Sciences)

This course focuses on differential and integral calculus. Topics include analytic geometry, functions, limits, integrals and derivatives, introduction to differential equations, functions of several variables, linear systems, applications for systems of linear differential equations, and probability distributions.

General Physics: Physical Science Major I

In this first semester of a two-semester sequence in general physics, we cover mechanics, heat, sound, electricity and magnetism, optics, and atomic physics.

Applied Chemical Equilibrium and Reactivity w/ Lab

This course reviews an advanced introductory chemistry sequence in a single semester. Chemical equilibrium, reactivity and bonding will be covered. These topics will be explored through laboratory experiments and problem solving, and discussing these principles in the context of current research.