Theatre Arts and Studies

Create performances of credibility, power, imagination, and spontaneity.

The theatre arts and studies minor offers a comprehensive approach to acting, directing, and playwriting, along with the fundamentals of technical direction, play production, play analysis, theatre management, and theatre history. 

For those who seek careers in the arts, the acting and directing workshops, playwriting courses, and independent study opportunities provide rigorous training in acting and other theatre crafts, as well as an appreciation for and an understanding of the history of dramatic arts, its cultural significance, and the industries it has produced. Even if you aren’t pursuing a career in theatre arts, our courses offer a broader perspective and an understanding of societal traditions and culture that can be applied in any field.


Adaptation for the Stage

This course is a workshop opportunity in learning to adapt both dramatic and non-dramatic works into fresh versions for the stage. We encourage students with abilities in foreign languages and literatures to explore translation of drama as well as adaptation of foreign language fiction in English. Fiction, classical dramas, folk and fairy tales, independent interviews, or versions of plays from foreign languages are also covered.

Voice and Speech for the Actor

It has been said that 90% of what an actor does onstage is dependent on being effortlessly heard and understood by their audiences. This course is designed to establish the tools for the actor to begin to create this foundation. We’ll begin the process of exploring both vocal power through breathing and breath control, and the fundamental tools of clarity in the speaking of a dramatic text onstage.

Creative Improvisation: For Theatre and for Life

This is an exploration of the imagination and the senses using basic techniques of improvisation: exercises, conflict resolution, ensemble building, and theatre games. Texts: Spolin, Johnstone, LaBan and Feldencreis.

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