Computer Science

Revolutionizing the role of computing, automation, and information security in everyday life.

Through computing research and education, you’ll make advances in disciplinary science and engineering in core and applied computing with a focus on data-intensive science and engineering, medicine, information security, language and robotics. You’ll also learn how to analyze a complex computing problem and apply its principles to other disciplines and identify solutions. 


The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

This course addresses the moral principles engineers need to consider to build responsible and trustworthy AI-enabled autonomous systems. Topics include: values-based decision making, ethically aligned design, cultural diversity, safety, bias, AI explainability, privacy, AI regulation, the ethics of synthetic life, and the future of work.

Open Source Software Engineering

This is a development experience focused on learning software engineering skills to deliver software at scale to users associated with open source licensed projects. The class work will introduce ideas behind open source software with structured modules on recognizing and building healthy project structure, intellectual property basics, community & project governance, social and ethical concerns, and software economics.

Object Oriented Software Engineering

This course covers object-oriented software construction methodologies and their application. The main part of this class is a large team project on a topic of your choosing.