Accounting & Financial Management

Prepare for and compete within an expanding marketplace.

The Accounting & Financial Management program prepares students for careers in small companies, major corporations, and consultancies as well as acceptance into graduate programs in accountancy.

Students in all disciplines can complement their major fields of study with this minor. It’s not only relevant if you plan to seek employment but also critical if you plan to attend graduate programs in accounting immediately after completing your undergraduate studies. 


Foundations of American Enterprise

This course is designed as an overview of three broad categories: the economic, financial, and corporate context of business activities; the organization and management of firms and organizations; and the marketing and production of goods and services. 

Identifying and Capturing Markets

You’ll learn how to identify individual and organizational market needs through entrepreneurial thinking. Exposure to a broad range of organizations—from startups to a variety of industry sectors—will provide insight into the role that marketing plays in an organization’s ability to identify, capture and grow these markets.

Corporate Finance

In this introduction to the financial management of a corporation, you’ll study the following questions: How should a firm decide whether to invest in a new project? How much debt and equity should a firm use to finance its activities? How should a firm pay its investors? How do taxes affect a firm’s investment and financing decisions? What determines the value of a firm?