Africana Studies

Gain the analytic tools to understand the root causes and changing nature of inequality around the world.

A major or minor in Africana Studies introduces you to the comprehensive study of the African Diaspora.

Our curriculum is designed to give you a unique perspective on racism, colonialism, capitalism, and geography that properly situates the importance of people of color in the making of the modern world. You’ll have the opportunity to deepen your study of the social sciences, humanities, and public health through an attention to the historical and contemporary experience of Black people.


Anti-Racism 101

How do we identify racism’s presence and effects, and how do we direct social and civic resources to end it? You’ll learn about the history, workings, and legacies of racism, as well as study present-day and past approaches–attempted and theorized–to abolish racism in the modern world.

Science and Technology in Africa

This course explores the role of science and technology in the making of African histories and politics. Throughout, we will challenge commonsense distinctions between the material and the spiritual, designers and users, wealth and people.

Black Baltimore Archives – From Frederick Douglass to Billie Holiday

Through an exploration of key writings and performances of their work, the course will enrich your knowledge of the city and archival resources that reveal its past in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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A Space for Reflection and Celebration

Johns Hopkins University and the Baltimore community commemorated Juneteenth with an event on the Beach featuring music, dance, and spoken word performances.

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