Investigate the most fundamental questions of behavior, mind, and brain.

You’ll gain a breadth of understanding and knowledge in the study of psychology through thoughtful relationships with advisors, engaged interactions with researchers, and involvement with the brain sciences community. Because the field and its related disciplines extend beyond the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences to other organizations, you can take advantage of diverse opportunities for research and collaboration, including the Mind-Brain Institute, School of Medicine, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Peabody Institute, and Applied Physics Laboratory. 


FYS: Why'd Your Brain Sign You up for This?

This First-Year Seminar will explore the neuroscience of choice. In addition to the neurobiology of choice, we’ll dabble with philosophical ideas of free will and determinism. We’ll also touch on questions related to culpability. For example, are people who break the law but suffer from brain damage responsible for their actions?


This is a survey course focused on theory and research on human personality. Topics include personality traits, motivation, unconscious processes, self-regulation, cognitive and behavioral aspects of personality, biological and evolutionary influences on personality, and dysfunctional manifestations of personality.

Happiness and Psychological Well-Being

This course covers advances in the field of research on positive psychology, happiness, and well-being, including perspectives on motivational and emotional wellness, cognitive processes, social-interpersonal dynamics, and sociocultural variables. We’ll explore topics like hobbies and leisure, mindfulness and meditation, money/income, ethics and religion, social media, marriage, friendship, economic institutions, school, the workplace, and more.

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