Biomedical Engineering

Engineering the future of medicine.

Hopkins biomedical engineering (BME) students go on to become leaders in industry, medicine, and science, all with a passion for solving problems. As home to the nation’s first and top-ranked training program in the field, Hopkins BME has a long tradition of leading the field.

You’ll work with our pioneering faculty and actively contribute to our mission of scientific discovery, innovation, and translational research that improves medicine and human health at scale. Through project-based learning, research experiences, design opportunities, clinical exposure, and more, you’ll solve real-world engineering problems from your first day until your graduation day.

BME Focus Areas

Hopkins BME offers a variety of focus areas that have immense potential to impact patient lives, such as:

  • Biomedical Data Science
  • Computational Medicine
  • Genomics & Systems Biology
  • Imaging & Medical Devices
  • Immunoengineering
  • Neuroengineering
  • Translational Cell & Tissue Engineering


The 3+1 BS/MSE degree program is intended for highly motivated biomedical engineering students who wish to pursue advanced studies. Students will complete both degrees by the end of their fourth year, with the opportunity to pursue an additional research thesis during an optional fifth year.

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how to apply

You must indicate BME as your first-choice major on your application for undergraduate admission. No separate application is required. Students are admitted specifically into the BME major based on evaluation of credentials and space available. Students can be admitted to Hopkins without being admitted to the BME major.  


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