Mentorship, Advising & Resources

Make the most of your four years here with our network of advisors and mentors.

As a Hopkins student, you’ll have a community of people who are looking out for your academic and personal success. These include faculty and staff, and also peer mentors who have been where you are. Through practical, personalized advising and resources, you’ll have the support to make the most of your college experience and the preparation for everything that comes after it.

Academic Advisors

Even before you arrive on campus, academic advising will help you discover ways to explore what excites you. As they get to know you and your goals, they’ll connect you with learning opportunities to deepen your interests while ensuring you’re on track to meet the courses required for graduation.

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Faculty Mentorship

After you declare your major, you’ll be assigned a faculty mentor—someone in your department who will help you gain the confidence to take intellectual risks and pursue new ideas by connecting you with opportunities that fit your interests.

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Peer Mentors

Having already made the transition to Blue Jay life, your peers can provide firsthand advice about living and studying here, and help you make connections in your first year and beyond.


Career Services

Our approach to career services starts with the student. Life Design Educators embedded in schools and departments will help you identify your specific interests and strengths, and find professional opportunities that align with them.


Pre-Professional Advising

Our pre-professional advising tracks allow you to combine your interest in health or law with any major.

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your holistic well-being is essential to your development

You’ll have access to state-of-the-art facilities, quality healthcare, and outreach programs to ensure you have the resources for all your health and wellness needs.

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