Leadership Studies

A culture of innovation and intentional collaboration.

The Leadership Studies minor offers a multidisciplinary approach so you can position yourself at the forefront of entrepreneurial ventures. As part of the Center for Leadership Education, you’ll get a diversified learning experience that emphasizes the concepts, practices, and skills necessary to serve as effective managers and entrepreneurs in public and private sectors.


Foundations of American Enterprise

Get an overview of three broad categories: the economic, financial, and corporate context of business activities; the organization and management of firms and organizations; and the marketing and production of goods and services. Through topic-specific readings and short case studies, we’ll focus on the bases for managerial decisions and their long and short-term global implications.

Leading Change

While considering both for-profit and non-profit entities, we’ll study topics including understanding and applying theories of change, finding competitive advantage and creating strategic plans; making decisions, even in uncertain times; valuing differences; employing leadership styles; giving and receiving feedback; understanding employee relations; creating performance measures; developing organizational cultures; and using the dynamics of influence.

Reimagining the City To Resist Climate Change

From increasing drought to rising sea levels, communities are experiencing the effects of new and frequent perils we must confront, mitigate, manage, predict, and prevent. We’ll explore questions like how can we reimagine cities to resist these realities? What solutions are we finding? How are cities restructuring, innovating with technology, and developing policy to minimize damage and risk? What makes for resilient communities and systems?