Develop critical habits of mind from the study of change and time.

Our history department is an intellectual community that prepares students to engage in issues of vital personal and global significance. 

You’ll gain skills in writing, critical thinking, and evaluating information through research, internships, and publishing opportunities. In addition, you’ll develop the capacity to reason comparatively and deepen your understanding of global connections among cultures.


Worlds of Hip-Hop

You’ll explore hip-hop as an arts movement whose forms, conventions, and standards responded to specific political and social conditions to address questions of freedom and community.

The Annales School

This is not a typical history course but one on historical theory and modern historiographical thought. How did historians in past generations attempt to analyze the past? To what extent is history connected to other disciplines? What was the French contribution to contemporary historiography? We examine the scholarship of the French Annales, arguably the most influential and revolutionary “school” of historiography in the twentieth century.

The Trouble with "Diversity"

Through archival, literary, and other cultural texts, we’ll consider the history of “diversity” as both a practice and concept, beginning with the arrival of “colorblindness” in the 1890s and moving through recent approaches to institutionalized multiculturalism.

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