Explore the fundamental economics of our current system and the dynamic tensions that create change.

The Department of Economics at Hopkins is a leader in economic theory and empirical analysis. We train undergraduates for successful careers in the academy, government, nonprofit, and private sectors.

The programs we offer through the Center for Financial Economics are designed to improve your understanding of important economic problems and to provide the tools you’ll need to critically analyze these problems and deal with them in practice.


The Economic Experience of the BRIC Countries

In 2001, the Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs coined the acronym BRIC to identify the four large emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India and China. We discuss the reasons behind their exceptional growth rates and the challenges they face in their development process.

Game Theory in Social Sciences

Game Theory is the study of multiple person decision problems in which the well-being of a decision maker depends not only on his own actions but also on those of others. These problems arise frequently in economics, political science, business, military science and many other areas. In this course, we learn how to model different social situations as games and how to use solution concepts to understand players’ behavior.

Sex, Drugs and Dynamic Optimization: The Economics of Risky Behavior

We apply the tools of economic analysis to understand behaviors that are enjoyable today but may have negative consequences in the future.