Writing Seminars

The second-oldest creative writing program in the U.S.

The Writing Seminars program offers a liberal arts education with a concentration in writing. In addition to fiction and poetry, you’ll study literature, philosophy, and history in other departments and demonstrate competency in a foreign language. You’ll compose a portfolio of original writing that not only meets the standards for application to MFA programs, but also serves as the foundation for careers in communication, law, teaching, or other fields where success is a function of skills in close analysis conveyed through lucid and intelligent writing.


Writing the Unreal

In this class, we’ll look exclusively at writing which takes on what hasn’t been seen, and hasn’t been felt. Through reading works of science fiction, magical realism, gothic literature, and speculative fiction, you’ll investigate how the unreal can still speak to our experiences and perceptions of the real and craft your own fantastical worlds through regular writing assignments.

Art of the Personal Essay

This course explores the art and craft of the personal essay from Seneca to Soyinka, Montaigne to Adichie. Through personal narrative exploration, we’ll write about universal themes—family, loss, social justice—through various nonfiction essay forms, such as the braided essay, lyric essay, science essay, or humor essay.

Performing Poetry & Fiction: An Acting Workshop for Writers

This hands-on performance workshop, combining literary and theatrical practice, will look closely at what makes a performance or reading compelling, clear, and resonant. Through textual analysis, vocal technique, and group discussion, you’ll create a pliant and powerful reading style to best serve your work.

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