Identifying and exploring moral problems in medicine, health care, and the life sciences.

The practice of medicine, the development of public health policies, and advances in the biomedical sciences raise fundamental moral and philosophical issues. The bioethics program is designed to provide you with an understanding of these issues, and the background and the conceptual tools to think about them clearly. 


Introduction to Bioethics

You’ll gain an introduction to a wide range of moral issues arising in the biomedical fields, including physician-assisted suicide, human cloning, abortion, surrogacy, and human subjects research.

The Ethics of Body Modification

Examine the ethical, historical and political issues surrounding body modifications. Through this course, you’ll explore the ways in which medical technologies have intersected with cultural constructions of gender, age, sexuality and race to produce ways of altering the human corporeal form.

The Ethics of Human Experimentation

Through historical case studies, you’ll explore the major ethical issues arising in experimentation and research on human subjects.

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