Cognitive Science

Approaching the study of the mind and brain from multiple perspectives.

Students in the Department of Cognitive Science are provided theoretically oriented research and training opportunities as they approach the study of the mind and brain from multiple perspectives 

Our undergraduate program reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the field, allowing you to approach the study of the mind and brain from multiple perspectives. These majors will gain broad knowledge of the field, plus a greater understanding of its sub-disciplines.



Do children get confused when they grow up exposed to more than one language? Is it possible to forget one’s native language? Are the first and second language processed in different areas of the brain? How does brain damage impact the different languages of a polyglot? Does knowing a second language affect non-linguistic cognitive processing? This course will address questions such as these through an exploration of mental and neural processes underlying bilingual and multilingual language processing.

Cognitive Neuropsychology of Visual Perception: The Malfunctioning Visual Brain

When we think about our ability to see, we tend to think about our eyes, but in fact vision happens mostly in the brain. This course explores the remarkable perceptual deficits that occur when the visual regions of the brain are damaged or fail to develop normally, focusing on what these perceptual malfunctions tell us about normal visual perception.

Applying Cognitive Neuroscience to Artificial Intelligence Part I

As a result of greater computing power and Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly improving and has entered all industries in a myriad of ways. But will AI ever have human-like general intelligence? What does humanlike general intelligence even mean? Why should we even care? This course is designed to answer these complex questions by giving you working knowledge of the underlying principles and mechanisms of human behavior and cognition, and how they may be applied to solving current and rising industry challenges.

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