Financial Economics

Exploring finance as a driving force in prosperity, poverty, and progress.

The Financial Economics minor provides training in the concepts and technical tools of modern finance. You’ll develop a framework to understand how the economy operates and collaborate with researchers on work that has a real impact on the financial world.


Corporate Finance

In this introduction to the financial management of a corporation, you’ll study the following questions: How should a firm decide whether to invest in a new project? How much debt and equity should a firm use to finance its activities? How should a firm pay its investors? How do taxes affect a firm’s investment and financing decisions? What determines the value of a firm?

Demystifying Hedge Funds: A Firsthand Look at the Alternative Investment Industry

This course examines the interplay between hedge funds, their investors, and investment banks. You’ll explore types of hedge fund strategies, delve into market trends, and discuss key investment themes in the alternatives industry.

Rethinking Econ After the Great Recession

The financial crisis that began in the U.S. in 2007 threw virtually the entire world into recession. This class will look at the causes of the crisis and at how it unfolded. It’ll also look into the conventional wisdom of economists, circa 2006, and why that wisdom proved to be so wrong.