Earth and Planetary Sciences

Making a difference in Earth’s future.   

Earth and Planetary Sciences is for those interested in the study of the physical, chemical, and biological processes that shape the Earth and other planets. It draws on the disciplines of geology, geochemistry, hydrology, ecology, geobiology, oceanography, and atmospheric science. 

What I study can feel so relevant and attributable to my own existence on our planet, while also continuing to be thought-provoking and curiosity-inspiring when I am learning about subjects that are, quite literally, out of this world. 

Lily K. ’25, Earth and Planetary Sciences Major


The Grandeur of You & The Universe

We address questions like “Why do I care?” or “How does this relate to and affect me?” by inquiring and exploring where each one of us fits in the grand scheme of the cosmos. You’ll dive into fundamental themes and concepts in Earth, planetary, and space sciences.


You’ll understand the origin of various forms of matter in our Solar System and beyond, along with its evolution through geologic processes.

Remote Sensing of the Environment

This course introduces the use of remote sensing technology to study Earth’s physical and biochemical processes. We’ll also cover topics like remote sensing of the atmosphere, land and oceans, as well as remote sensing as a tool for policy makers.

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