Transforming energy technology to combat climate change.

The Energy minor addresses the growing need for trained engineers and scientists in the many sectors that develop, manage, and propagate energy technologies. The program will position you to become a leader in the energy field, either directly as an entering professional in industry, government laboratories, and other organizations, or as a graduate student in the best graduate programs.


Introduction to Renewable Energy Engineering

This course introduces the science and engineering of renewable energy technologies. The class begins with an overview of today’s energy landscape and proceeds with an introduction to thermodynamics and basic heat engines.

Are We Living In an Age of Collapse?

This course investigates the themes of civilizational crisis and collapse with the primary goal of understanding the “perfect storm” of converging crises confronting humanity in the 21st century, including earth system, economic, food and energy crises. This course will engage with more holistic approaches to study these issues as interrelated components of a deeper system-wide crisis in the contemporary world order.

Projects in the Design of a Chemical Car

You’ll work over the course of a semester to design and build a chemically powered vehicle that will compete with other college teams at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Regional Conference. In small groups, you’ll also design and construct the chassis along with chemically powered propulsion and break mechanisms within the constraints of the competition.

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