Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Whether educating the next generation of engineering leaders or creating earth-friendly biofuels, we are making an impact.

The era of big data has opened up new worlds of possibilities in the field of chemical and biomolecular engineering, and our faculty are leading advances in machine learning and predictive algorithms that impact the world. Our students at all levels have opportunities to put their knowledge to practice and work side-by-side with faculty mentors in their labs. 

Our graduates are succeeding in fields from the pharmaceutical, medical, and energy industries to finance, business, and law.


Application of Molecular Evolution to Biotechnology

One of the most promising strategies for successfully designing complex biomolecular functions is to exploit nature’s principles of evolution. This course provides an overview of the basics of molecular evolution as well as its experimental implementation.

Interfacial Science with Applications to Nanoscale Systems

Nanostructured materials intrinsically possess large surface area to volume ratios. It is this large interfacial area that gives rise to many of the amazing properties and technologies associated with nanotechnology. In this class we will examine how the properties of surfaces, interfaces, and nanoscale features differ from their macroscopic behavior.

Projects in the Design of a Chemical Car

Ready to put those concepts from class into practice? You’ll work over the course of the semester to design and build a chemically powered vehicle that will compete with other college teams at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers ( AIChE) Regional Conference.