Spanish for the Professions

Languages, literatures, and cultures.

This minor offers technical courses, such as Spanish for International Commerce, Medical Spanish, Spanish for International Relations, Spanish for Engineering, Spanish for Public Health, and Spanish Translation for the Professions. You’ll gain a truly immersive experience through internship opportunities, where you’ll receive credit for work done outside the university through the Community Based Learning–Spanish Language Practicum course, and opportunities to study abroad and do research.


Spanish for Engineering

Spanish for Engineering is a comprehensive examination of vocabulary and grammar for students who either work or intend to work in the engineering field to develop their communicative strategies in the field of engineering.

Spanish for International Commerce

Spanish for International Commerce is an overview of business topics in an international, Spanish-speaking context with an emphasis on deep review of grammar and vocabulary acquisition.

Spanish Translation for the Professions

Spanish Translation for the Professions surveys the field of contemporary translation theory and provides practice of translation from English to Spanish. The communication strategies in this course will help you discern, translate, and evaluate the usefulness of translations in different professional settings.

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