Estimate Your College Costs

Estimate the cost you and your family can expect to pay for Hopkins.

We’re bringing the brightest minds to Hopkins by making a world-class education financially possible. That starts with giving you the tools to estimate your college costs, so you and your family know what to expect and can explore payment options that are right for you.

Let’s break down some commonly used terms that you’ll see throughout the financial aid process:


The cost of attendance represents the “sticker price” of going to Hopkins, and includes costs billed by Hopkins (tuition, fees, housing, and meals) as well as estimated additional costs not billed by Hopkins (books and supplies, travel, and personal expenses). You can see a breakdown of these expenses in the chart below.

While the cost of attendance is approximately $86,000 per academic year, many families pay far less, and some pay nothing at all. We’ll work with you and your family to determine an amount that matches your financial circumstances.

Cost of Attendance Breakdown
Matriculation Fee (One-time only)$500
Housing (On-Campus)$11,400
Food (21 Meal Plan) $7,792
Living with Parents*$6,718
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses$1,470
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment$1,345
Transportation (Average costs vary by home state)$718
*Requires approval for exemption from Hopkins’ two-year residency requirement for first and second-year undergraduates.


Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is what your family can expect to pay toward your college costs. To determine this, we take into account:

  • Family income, both taxable and non-taxable
  • Family assets like savings, investments, businesses, and real estate (not including retirement assets)
  • Number of children in private school or college
  • Household size and living expenses, based on the average cost of living in your postal code
  • Special circumstances like loss of income, medical expenses, or support to grandparents

net price

Net price is the amount your family is actually responsible for paying. To calculate this, we take the cost of attendance and subtract any need-based or merit scholarships you’ve received.

Example Financial Aid Offer

Calculated Need

Total Cost of Attendance $86,065
EFC – $3,500
Total Need $82,565

EFC Estimated Family Contribution

Student Contribution $0
Parent Contribution $3,500
Total EFC $3,500

Financial Aid Offer

Federal Grants $3,945
Hopkins Scholarship $75,920
Federal Work-Study $2,700
Total Financial Aid Offer $82,565

Family Pays $3,500

Government Pays $3,945 + $2,700 work study

Hopkins Pays $75,920

Total Cost of Attendance $86,065

Includes tuition, fees, housing, meals, books, supplies, personal and travel expenses


This tool uses questions similar to those on the CSS Profile to provide a more detailed estimate of your net price—the amount your family will be responsible for paying. You’ll need tax returns for your parents or legal guardians. Be as specific as you can to ensure the most accurate estimate.

Calculate Your Net Price


Our financial aid advisers are dedicated to helping you and your family understand and evaluate your financial aid options. If you have questions or need assistance throughout the process, you can reach out to us.

Contact Student Financial Support

flexible options for covering your college costs

Each family’s financial circumstances are unique, and families often use more than one method to cover their costs. If your family would like flexibility beyond the financial aid offer, you can explore the following options:

  • Over 60% of our students work part-time, eight to ten hours a week on average. In addition to covering personal expenses, an on- or off-campus job can help you build your resume, make connections, and get involved in the community.
  • Regardless of your financial aid eligibility, you can take advantage of our no-interest payment plans that split the cost of your tuition, housing, and meals into equal installments.
  • Private scholarships reduce your summer savings and work-study expectations.
  • Although our financial aid offers don’t include loans, your family may choose to borrow as part of your financing strategy. We can direct you to low-interest federal loans and Parent PLUS loans.
  • You might also consider private loans. We encourage you to look at federal loan options before pursuing these, since their terms and repayment can vary. We have an interactive tool to help you and your family compare private loans.