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Jay Talk

Hopkins students seek adventure and new experiences. Explore their posts about Baltimore bucket lists, helpful campus resources, favorite coffee shops, and best study spots.

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flamingos at JHU campus

Photo essays

My Favorite Professor

Hopkins Insider asked Blue Jays to share their favorite Hopkins professors.

Hopkins Students
Baltimore, MD

A Day in the Life at Hopkins: Lola G. ’25

I always start my day with a trip to the gym.

Lola G.

A Day in the Life at Hopkins: Kelzzy B.

I like to end my night with a bit of reading.

Kelzzy B.

A Day in the Life at Hopkins: Sarah L. ’25

Levering is my favorite lunch spot.

Sarah L.
Boca Raton, FL

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Admissions Talk

Strong applications help us build the strongest student body. Our admissions counselors share tools to help you tell your best story so we can understand who you are and who you might be in our community.

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How We Review Your Application

We consider many different aspects of your experience, academic achievement, involvements, and personal qualities when deciding if you’re a match for Hopkins.

Admissions Advice

Can't visit in person? No problem!

Admissions Advice

Don't make assumptions, do your own research.

Admissions Advice

Busting Myths - "private" does not always equal "expensive"

Essays That Worked

Students outdoors

Ask an Admissions Counselor

What Do Hopkins Grads Do After College?

One of the goals of Hopkins is to prepare you so whichever path you pursue, you’ll be well-rounded and well-connected. Here are just a few examples of what our graduated Blue Jays do.

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