Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Transformative mathematics and statistics for a brighter future.

A major or minor in Applied Mathematics and Statistics opens up countless opportunities for intellectual growth and career advancement. Our program encourages you to develop an appreciation for the role mathematical modeling plays in decision-making and the building of scientific knowledge. You’ll gain a solid mathematical foundation through discrete mathematics, optimization, probability, statistics, and differential equations.


Cryptology & Coding

How can we ensure the privacy of messages? How can messages be sent over noisy lines? In this course, you’ll learn more about topics like finite field arithmetic, error-detecting and error-correcting codes, data compressions, ciphers, one-time pads, and the Enigma machine.

Nonlinear Dynamics of Biological Systems

Analysis and simulation of nonlinear behavior in biological systems: bifurcations (cell-fate decision), limit cycles (cell-cycle, neuronal excitations), chaos, and maps. Matlab will be used to simulate these systems and motivate nonlinear analytic tools and stability analysis.

Investment Science

Topics covered in the course include the basic theory of interest and its application to fixed-income securities, cash flow analysis and capital budgeting, mean-variance portfolio theory, and the associated capital asset pricing model.

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