Private Scholarships

Scholarships from private organizations can be a great way to cover your college costs.

Many organizations offer scholarships for college students. You can find them through your school, a local business, or a club or house of worship your family attends. There are also free search engines to help track them down—we’ve listed some later on this page.

If you do receive a private scholarship, make sure to let Student Financial Support know because it may affect your financial aid offer. Here’s how:

  • We’ll first use it to replace your summer savings expectation, if you have one, which will reduce your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) by $1,800. To understand what goes into your EFC, visit Estimate Your Costs.
  • After that, we’ll use it to replace the work-study portion of your financial aid offer, if you have one. For example, if you have a $2,700 work-study expectation, you’ll get that money from your private scholarship instead. You may still work part-time on or off campus without work-study. 
  • If the amount of private scholarship funding you receive is greater than your summer savings and work-study expectations combined ($4,500), the rest of it will go toward replacing your Hopkins Grant, dollar for dollar.

Private Scholarships

Military & ROTC Benefits

National Fellowships

Beneficial Corporation Scholarships


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Broke Scholar
Scholarships for African American and Black Students
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Below is a list of outside scholarships to consider as you explore options for covering your college costs.

1Dental Scholarship
AmericanMuscle Automotive Scholarship
College Board Opportunity Scholarship
Community Foundation of Carroll Count
Computer Science Online Scholarships
Computer Science Scholarships
CustomerServ Scholarship
Distracted Driving Scholarship Fund
Edvisors Scholarship
Emergency Dentists USA Video Contest Scholarship
ExtremeTerrain’s Student Scholarship
Families of Freedom Scholarship
General & Discipline-Specific LGBT Scholarships
Golden Key Scholarships and Awards
Hispanic Student College Resources Scholarship
James Rhio O’Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund
JVS Chicago Scholarship
Lawn Love Creating Leaders Scholarship
Lendza “Better than a Loan” Scholarship
LGBTQ Scholarship Database
LGBTQ Scholarships
Limited Submissions at Johns Hopkins University
MBA Scholarships
National Eagle Scout Association Scholarships
OEDb Scholarships & Grants for Single Moms
OEDb Scholarships for Women
P.E.O. Scholar Award
Proven Data Technology & Innovation Scholarship
Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino Students
Scholarships for Military Veterans
Scholarships for Women
SEO Advantage Scholarship Essay Contest
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Foundation
The Advocates Law Scholarship
The Blanch Law Firm Scholarship Award
The Gates Scholarship
Tillman Scholars Fellowship
University College London Graduate Scholarships

Financial circumstances shouldn’t limit your potential

If your family demonstrates you can only pay part of college costs, or none at all, we cover the rest. Follow our step-by-step instructions to apply for need-based scholarships.

Learn How to Apply for Financial Aid