Advance technology, improve lives, and better the planet.  

If you have the desire to be challenged, the impulse to dig deeper, and the belief that you can—and will—make a difference, engineering may be the path for you. As an undergraduate, you’ll dive into hands-on learning beginning your first semester and have opportunities to conduct research with faculty who are leaders in their fields, get internships with top technology and engineering companies, and showcase your work at national competitions.  

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Through our flexible curriculum, our students are encouraged to deepen their interests and explore new ones. You’ll choose from courses across academic areas between our Whiting School of Engineering and our Krieger School of Arts & Sciences so you can expand your knowledge, dig deeper into topics that interest you, and discover connections at the intersection of disciplines. 

Majors and Minors

There are so many aspects of being an engineer, like working on problems that don’t have a single correct solution, or being part of a group that collects and analyzes data. We want to give the students an overview of the landscape and develop the skills of asking good questions and identifying good sources.

Claire Verhulst, Assistant Director of Engineering Innovation

Research Opportunities

As the #1 research university in the nation, we provide our undergraduates with resources and funding to pursue their ambitions. Here are just a few: 

  • HOUR is our home for supporting and encouraging undergraduates in research endeavors by connecting them to opportunities both inside and outside of Hopkins.
  • The Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) offers students up to $2,500 and a partnership with a full-time faculty sponsor for research on any topic of their choosing.
  • CIRCUIT offers undergraduates a $5,000 stipend to take part in cutting-edge summer research at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) to map the brain at nanoscale resolution and make significant contributions to science.
  • Highly qualified Hopkins Engineering undergraduate students can spend the summer doing paid research at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory as part of the RISE @ APL program.

The Whiting School of Engineering offers their own research awards and opportunities at more than 20 established research centers and institutes.

Join the Club

Hopkins students pursue their interests outside the classroom. If you’re fascinated with engineering, you might consider getting involved in these student organizations.