Hopkins Alumni Representatives Council (HARC)

HARC is a group of dedicated alumni who help the Office of Undergraduate Admissions build the next generation of Blue Jays.

There’s no better ambassador for Hopkins than someone who has lived and learned there firsthand. We invite you to share your Hopkins experience with prospective students at sessions and college fairs around the country and the world.

To be a HARC member, you must be: 

  • Nominated for the position
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Participate in regular training
  • Attend 2+ events with our admissions counselors
  • Enthusiastic about sharing your Hopkins experience

Please note that HARC membership requires a two-year commitment; however, we’ll accept nominations for new HARC members annually.

How to Join HARC

You may request a nomination from any staff or faculty member in any Homewood department. The nominator should be someone you know or worked closely with as a Hopkins undergrad and can provide helpful information about why you are a great choice for the committee.

Once you’re nominated, the HARC selection committee will contact you with more information about the program and invite you to apply in late July. Selected members will receive specialized training before participating in any events. 

If you have questions about HARC requirements or the nomination, email the program coordinators at harc_admissions@jhu.edu.

Join the Alumni Network

If you’re interested in more volunteer opportunities as an alum, reach out to the Office of Alumni Relations.