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The Humanities at Hopkins

Do you want to...

Tackle research through our archaeological museum?
Curate your own exhibit for a class?
Comb through manuscripts in our rare books collection?
Pursue a creative writing career?
Create an original documentary at our state-of-the-art film center?

All this and more is possible as a humanities student at Hopkins. Our university values of freedom and exploration and our interdisciplinary academic culture encourage students to transcend boundaries.

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academic flexibility

How do you define humanities?

As a field, the humanities intersects literature, art, philosophy, history, and cultural studies among other areas. Humanities scholarship aims to better understand the human condition through intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness, and careful reading and criticism.

At Hopkins, some of our humanities majors and minors include: archaeology; classics; English; German and romance languages and literatures; history; history of art; history of science, medicine, and technology; Near Eastern studies; philosophy; and Writing Seminars. With a flexible curriculum, students have the freedom to choose the subjects that matter most to them and combine areas of interest in unique ways, with plenty of interdisciplinary courses to try out.

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The vital role of a humanities education

"Hopkins believes in the essential value of humanistic inquiry and its capacity to aid you in realizing your aspirations and building lives you want to live and of which you will be proud."—Ronald Daniels, Johns Hopkins University President

Why Hopkins

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Interdisciplinary Study

The study of arts, cultures, community, and the self is fundamental to understanding the human experience. The essence of studying the humanities at Hopkins is collaboration, exchange, and intellectual freedom. Here, faculty eagerly collaborate with students to break new ground and make an impact on society.

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Incredible Resources

Our humanities students take advantage of being at the top funded research institution to pursue ambitious scholarship. In addition to funding opportunities and continued mentorship, undergraduates have access to resources like the Peabody Library, Archaeological Museum, and JHU-MICA Film Centre.

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Core Identity

Although we are the nation’s oldest research university, we are a liberal arts college at our core. Our liberal arts focus is designed to guide students from all perspectives, to cross educational boundaries, and to teach students how to think, thereby preparing our graduates for success in any field they choose to pursue.

World-class faculty

Close up portrait of Professor Lawrence Jackson

Lawrence Jackson, English and History

Close up portrait of Professor Vesla Weaver

Vesla Weaver, Racial Politics and Criminal Justice

Close up portrait of Professor Christopher Cannon

Christopher Cannon, English and Classics

Archaeology students conduct research on ancient pottery
make your mark

The best opportunities

As the university with the nation's most research funding, our resources and opportunities ensure students are uniquely prepared to tackle societal issues, regardless of their post-Hopkins ambitions.

Research as early as your first year
Close up portrait of Hopkins student Emily Dorffer

Creating better portrayals of disabilities through the transformational power of fiction.

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Investigating Victorian studies of ancient Greek sexuality at the Classics Research Lab.

Close up portrait of Hopkins student Kimberly Wong

Mapping the unspoken “rules” that govern the way a person writes through one letter.

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Molly Y.
Class of 2018
"What I love so much about my major and, more specifically, being that major at Hopkins [is that] I’m in a small class with plenty of space to test out my ideas about this body of work in all its multifaceted glory, under the guidance of an engaging professor whose passion for the content balances out its intellectual heftiness."
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