Social, Behavioral, and Political Sciences

Think critically about contemporary social and cultural concerns and the diversity of human experience.

The Social, Behavioral, and Political Sciences help you build a scientific understanding of how society works and how we relate to one another. Whether it’s investigating philosophical issues of the information age, or analyzing how people think, feel, or act in specific situations, you’ll further your knowledge of how society, behavior, or politics work, developing a foundation that will support you in almost any field.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Through our flexible curriculum, our students are encouraged to deepen their interests and explore new ones. We don’t have any required classes. Instead, you’ll choose from courses across academic areas between our Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and our Whiting School of Engineering so you can expand your knowledge, dig deeper into topics that interest you, and discover connections at the intersection of disciplines.  

Majors and Minors


You can earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees through one of our Direct Matriculation Programs in either Global Health Studies at the Bloomberg School of Public Health or International Relations at the School of Advanced International Studies.

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Why use just the tools of one discipline when, together, we can seek truth and generate more knowledge? And Hopkins is a place that nurtures, encourages, and fosters this kind of multidisciplinary research collaboration.

NICHOLAS PAPAGEORGE, Associate Professor of Economics

Research Opportunities

As the #1 research university in the nation, we provide our undergraduates with resources and funding to pursue their ambitions.

The Krieger School of Arts & Sciences’ departments, programs, and centers often offer their own research awards or funding opportunities.

Join the Club

Hopkins students pursue their interests outside the classroom. If you’re fascinated by the social, behavioral, or political sciences, you might consider getting involved in these student organizations.