Here, you won’t just take in knowledge. You’ll create it.   

The humanities anchor on the study of arts, cultures, community, and the self as fundamental to understanding the human experience. Students who decide to pursue humanities here take advantage of being at the top-funded research institution to pursue ambitious scholarship—with access to resources like our Archaeological Museum, Film Centre, dedicated research labs, and humanities-focused research grants.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Through our flexible curriculum, our students are encouraged to deepen their interests and explore new ones. You’ll choose from courses across academic areas between our Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and our Whiting School of Engineering so you can expand your knowledge, dig deeper into topics that interest you, and discover connections at the intersection of disciplines.  


The most exciting topics in the humanities don’t always fit neatly into one academic department or discipline. Humanities Research Clusters are a way for students from different specialties to talk about big, multifaceted ideas in a productive and student-led environment.


Majors and Minors

The humanities are not really about edification or seeing how resplendent the human spirit is, although that’s certainly part of it. It’s learning to be an effective citizen in dealing with information, with narratives; learning how to recognize when they’re true and when they’re false, learning how to compare them with other narratives of the same sort, and to make a decision about them.

MARK CHRISTIAN THOMPSON, Chair and Professor of English

Research Opportunities

As the #1 research university in the nation, we provide our undergraduates with resources and funding to pursue their ambitions.

The Krieger School of Arts & Sciences’ departments, programs, and centers often offer their own research awards or funding opportunities.

Join the Club

Hopkins students pursue their interests outside the classroom. If you’re fascinated by the humanities, you might consider getting involved in these student organizations.