Spotlight Series

What does your future look like? Learn how Hopkins students take advantage of their access to unparalleled resources and their opportunities to collaborate with world-class faculty—experiences that prepare them for success in a wide variety of dynamic careers.

For the solution seeker

Friday, July 12: Business and Entrepreneurship

What does it mean to study business here? How do you become an entrepreneur? At Hopkins, we’re committed to being on the cutting edge of innovation in all areas. Our students get startup funding as undergrads. They take advantage of living in an accessible city to make connections and spearhead ideas. And they leverage opportunities within the Hopkins network to position themselves as leaders in the private and non-profit sectors, government, and the world of social enterprises. For a hands-on experience, this session is held at our entrepreneurial hub, FastForward U, next door to campus. Shuttles will be provided.

For the health innovator

Wednesday, July 17: Pre-Health

Pre-health students at Hopkins are immersed in finding solutions to the world’s most pressing health issues. At the #1 research university, they’re developing the techniques, procedures, and policies that shape the healthcare industry and impact patient care. Join us to hear from current students and faculty or staff about the pre-health advising track, resources in the JHU network, and how our graduates go beyond traditional medical careers to make a lasting impact on society.

For the global leader

Friday, July 19: Developing Global Perspectives

Are you interested in learning about different cultures and how they connect? Do you enjoy immersing yourself in new environments and developing a global perspective? Are you eager to affect change through social policy and innovation? Today’s world is more intertwined than ever before, and strong international relations is crucial for all of us as global citizens. As a world-renowned university with campuses around the world, Hopkins offers many opportunities for students to engage in academic study and advocacy that have a global impact. Whether in international studies, global health, politics, foreign affairs, government agencies, or social policy, our students get exposure to important issues and make a difference as undergrads through research, internships, and study abroad.

For the trailblazer

Wednesday, July 24: Women in STEM

Join the tradition of expedition. Women in STEM programs thrive at Hopkins thanks to our flexible academic culture that encourages diverse perspectives and mentorship from renowned faculty members. Starting their first year, undergrads are part of the larger Hopkins network as well as smaller communities, such as the Women’s Pre-Health Leadership Society, and other student-run organizations. In this session, you’ll hear how STEM students, specifically women, contribute to meaningful research and prepare to solve society’s greatest challenges. Come meet current students who are already making their mark.

For the knowledge creator

Friday, July 26: Exploring the Humanities

Studying the humanities at Hopkins means connecting philosophical theories to modern-day issues and applying research to find solutions. It means curating exhibits that bridge science and art to bring history to life. It means publishing original screenplays that change peoples’ perceptions of the world. As the nation’s top-funded research university, Hopkins is a liberal arts institution at its core. Our values of intellectual curiosity and collaboration resonate especially with humanities students who, as undergrads, get the opportunity to work with professors who are experts in their fields and create new knowledge. Join us to hear from current students and faculty about how pursuing the humanities at Hopkins opens doors.

Note: Hot Spot tours offered for Pre-Health, Women in STEM, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Exploring the Humanities.