Spotlight Series

At this unique visit opportunity, learn how Hopkins students take advantage of their access to unparalleled resources and their opportunities to collaborate with world-class faculty—experiences that prepare them for success in a wide variety of dynamic careers.

Stay tuned for summer dates!

Friday, February 8: Business and Entrepreneurship at Hopkins

Interested in a career in business? Learn how Hopkins students leverage hands-on internships and an interdisciplinary approach to position themselves as leaders in the private and non-profit sectors, government, and the world of social enterprises.

Wednesday, February 13: Pre-Health at Hopkins

Find out how cross-disciplinary learning and a comprehensive advising program prepare students in all majors to enter the healthcare field. Join us to learn more about how Hopkins students take advantage of world-class resources and unique research opportunities to go beyond traditional medical careers.

Wednesday, February 20: Women in STEM

Undergrads in STEM programs thrive at Hopkins, thanks to our flexible academic culture, diverse perspectives, and mentorship from renowned faculty members. In this session, hear how STEM students, specifically women, contribute to meaningful research and prepare to solve society’s greatest challenges.

Friday, March 1: Global Impact at Hopkins

As a world-renowned university with an extensive international network, Hopkins offers many opportunities for students to engage in academic study and research that have a global impact. Whether studying in areas related to international studies, global health, politics, foreign affairs, government agencies, or social policy, students gain valuable experiences through internships and study abroad. At this session, you’ll hear from current students in international majors and admissions staff.

Friday, March 8: Humanities at Hopkins

As the nation’s oldest and top-funded research university, Hopkins provides humanities students with the resources and connections to dive into their academic passions and pursue research of their own design. Here, students collaborate with world-class professors, learn how to think critically, and combine topics and interests, enabling success in any field they choose.

Note: Hot Spot tours offered for Pre-Health, Women in STEM, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Humanities.