U.S. Military Veteran Applicants

Veterans at Hopkins

Hopkins welcomes students who have previously served in the Armed Forces to apply for undergraduate admission.

As a military veteran, your diverse ideas, work ethic, and global perspectives can help you succeed in classrooms, research, and the greater Hopkins community.

Applying to Hopkins

Application Process

Veteran applicants apply through the same application process as all prospective undergraduate students

Our admissions process is holistic and takes into consideration the unique experiences and contributions of each applicant. We value the perspectives our veteran students bring to our community.

  • Students who have completed fewer than 12 college credits after high school should apply as first-year applicants.
  • Students who completed more than 12 college credits after high school graduation or GED attainment should apply as transfer applicants.
Financial Support

Need-Based Financial Aid

To ensure that college costs aren’t a barrier for our students, we work with you to determine what you can afford to contribute toward college costs, and then we cover the rest with money that doesn’t need to be paid back.

The Hopkins financial aid philosophy means:

  • 100% Need Met: We work with you and your family to determine what you can afford to contribute toward college costs (tuition, room & board, food, travel expenses, etc.) and then we cover 100% of the rest.
  • No Loans: Our financial aid packages are made up of grants and work study, money that doesn’t need to be paid back. That means our students have the opportunity to graduate debt-free.
  • Need-Blind: For U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and student with DACA or undocumented status, we practice need-blind admissions, which means your finances don’t factor into our admissions decision.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Johns Hopkins University is committed to supporting our veteran and military students through the U.S. Department of Defense’s Yellow Ribbon Program. You can learn more about the funding available on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Fee Waivers

We are proud to offer a fee waiver to any applicant who is currently serving, or has served, in the U.S. military. Fee waivers for veterans are available in both the Common Application and Coalition for College application.

Support for Veteran Students


Offering mentorship and guidance to highly qualified veterans, Service to School’s VetLink program helps veterans find a top college that is the best fit for academic and personal interests, as well as navigate the application process.

Veteran Educational Benefits

For information about using your military educational benefits, you can check out the veterans page through the Office of the Registrar.

Andrew Coté
Andrew Coté
United States Marine Corps
Throughout your college selection process, I recommend you visit and consider Hopkins. You have distinguished yourself during your time in service and could continue that path of distinction with a top 10 university. [At Hopkins] your voice truly matters. You can help shape the Veteran community (…) and positively influence the student population and academic institution. Continue to challenge yourself and Go Hop!
Andrew Altman
Andrew Altman
Maryland Army National Guard
As a member of the National Guard, my professors are very accommodating to my monthly trainings, and there are plenty of resources and groups dedicated to service members and veterans. Anyone joining the Hopkins community will find many people who have gone through similar experiences as a member of the military and are willing to help you.
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Questions? We're Here to Help

For information regarding the admissions application process, you can contact our Veteran Admissions Coordinator, Bailey Jackelen. For benefit inquires, you can contact Nancy Carr in the Office of the Registrar using this online form.

Have questions? Ask your regional admissions counselor!

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