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Information for counselors

We value our partnerships with high school counselors and the work that goes into preparing, advising, and counseling students through one of the most important decisions they will make.


Letters of recommendation

We recognize that counselors and teachers have different relationships with each student they serve, and that these differences have only been exacerbated by the current pandemic.

To support the letter of recommendation writing process, we’ve shared some resources belowWhile these materials should help frame how to approach letters of recommendation, we understand that you know your students best and these are only suggestions.

Partnership opportunities

We aim to collaborate with schools or districts on educational programming for students, families, and school administrators. Our staff members are trained to lead workshops on the following topics:

For High School Counselors, Teachers, or Staff

  • Counselor Letter of Recommendation Workshop: A seminar for counselors and administrators that explores the role of the school profile and counselor letter of recommendation in the application review process. This workshop will introduce tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of the school profile and provide insight into what admissions officers expect to learn from the counselor’s recommendation.

For Students

  • Admissions 101: Students are offered an overview of the college admissions process, including terminology, timelines and requirements. Students participate in trivia while building a strong foundation for the college search and application process, with time for a Q&A with an admissions officer.
  • College Search and Application Workshop: An interactive program designed to introduce students to the college search process and the various components of an application. In part one, students discuss the factors that should drive their college search and learn tips on how to maximize the campus visit experience. Students get the chance to explore sample essays and transcripts to gain familiarity with the application review process.
  • Telling Your Story: Students ready to begin working on their college application learn how to use their experiences and passions to tell an authentic and cohesive story. With admissions officer guidance, students analyze and compare example essay excerpts and activities lists to learn how to make the most of different portions of the application and tell a unique story.
  • Personal Statement Workshop: Admissions officers guide students towards organizing an effective personal statement essay by analyzing example essays and offering helpful tips on starting the first draft or improving the next one.
  • Supplemental Essay Workshop: Students have an opportunity to strengthen writing skills while gaining insight to the role of the supplemental essay in holistic college admissions. Admissions officers will walk through multiple example essays to illustrate how this essay fits in to the holistic admissions process.

For more information or to request a session, please email Please note: With limited availability to host workshops, we may not be able to immediately accommodate all requests, but are happy to work with you.

Resources and quick links

Quick overview of Johns Hopkins University:

Information for applicants

Application deadlines for students applying for fall 2023

  • Early Decision I: November 1
  • Early Decision II: January 3
  • Regular Decision: January 3
  • Transfer: March 1

View more details about our deadlines and requirements here, see information specifically for transfer applicants here, or click here for more in-depth information about our application process.

Early Decision I or II

If your students feel that Hopkins is their first-choice college, applying ED may be a good option for them. Learn more about Early Decision here.

International students

Working with international students? See international-specific information here.

Financial aid

We are here to help support students and their families as they learn about eligibility for financial aid and explore payment options. Please see our financial aid website for detailed information.

Application documents

Throughout the application cycle, we’ll keep you informed about upcoming deadlines and requirements, both on this site and via email. We’ll also send updates about the status of your students’ applications, including missing documents. If you are sending application materials directly to us, please email to Be sure to include the student’s name, high school, and application ID number.