We reach out to prospective students and their families, counselors, and educators to help them navigate the college search and application process and determine if a student can envision themselves as part of our community. Our communications connect prospective students with opportunities to learn about Hopkins and get tips on crafting their strongest applications. For families, educators, and counselors, we send resources to help support their students as they plan for college. Ultimately, these communications are intended to provide information to prospective students and their support systems so they can make decisions that are right for the student and their family.  

How we learn about prospective students 

We organize events and create resources that inform prospective students, families, counselors, and educators about our academics, student life, financial aid, and admissions process. We collect information about these audiences through mailing list and event signup forms on our website. We also partner with test providers, college search websites, associations, and counseling organizations to receive student and counselor data.  

How we personalize our outreach to prospective students  

The more we know about a prospective student’s interests and background, the better we can customize our messages and offerings to their preferences. Our mailing list and event signup forms ask about a student’s identity, academic interests, college plans, and individual and family contact information. These details allow us to invite prospective students and their families to events in their area and share content that is relevant to their interests.  

How we protect your privacy   

To learn more about how we handle and protect personal data, please refer to the Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Privacy Statement and Johns Hopkins University Personally Identifiable Information Policy.  

How to update your contact information  

Please let us know if your information changes by filling out this form so we can continue sending you relevant and timely information and invitations.   

How to unsubscribe from our communications  


You can unsubscribe from our communications at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email. You may also send an email to gotojhu@jhu.edu asking to unsubscribe from our mailing list.   


When filling out our mailing list or event signup form, you had the option to agree or decline receiving text messages from our Office of Undergraduate Admissions. To stop receiving SMS messages, please text “STOP” to +1 443-743-3782.  

How to delete your account from our database  

If you have not applied to Johns Hopkins University, you can request to have your account deleted from our database by submitting this account deletion request form.   

If you apply to Johns Hopkins University, we must collect and store your information to process your application. We also require this information to send email updates about the admissions process.

We keep information about our admitted students for five years and prospective students for two years.