Guidelines for transfer applicants

Transfer admissions is a holistic review process, so while there are no specific courses required to transfer to Hopkins, the guidelines below will help best prepare you for a successful transition, should you be admitted.

Please note that these are general course sequence pathways and do not replace the formal preliminary credit evaluation that accompanies the transfer admissions application review.

For more detailed course information, we encourage you to visit the undergraduate department websites or the academic catalog entry for the major(s) in which you are interested to see the courses that our students pursue.

Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

  • Natural Sciences: a math course at least at the calculus I level with introductory and intermediate science with lab in a related field. Junior transfers courses may include additional introductory and intermediate science courses with labs.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences: a math course in statistics or calculus level, and at least one prior course in a related field.
  • Humanities: at least one prior course in a related field.

Whiting School of Engineering

  • General guidelines for all engineering majors: introductory and intermediate courses in calculus, chemistry, and physics with labs.
  • Junior transfers: advanced courses in higher levels of mathematics, such as calculus III, linear algebra, and/or differential equations. In addition, students should have some major specific courses to demonstrate their readiness in the engineering discipline.